Business Partners

Our business and community involvement 

Veritas law Firm is proud to partner with associations and community organisations in Parramatta and Greater Sydney that share our values. We strongly believe in giving back to our community and part of our mission is to reach out to and help the local community better understand and access their legal rights.

Over a number of years, Veritas Law Firm has developed strong relationships with a number of local community organisations and associations. More information on these groups is provided below.

Bicycle NSW

Bicycle NSW is a member-based association with a history of representing bicycle users in New South Wales. Their mission is to create a better environment for cycling. Bicycle NSW seeks to stimulate the cultural and behavioural change necessary to mainstream bicycle use while also advocating for improvements to be made to the built environment that improve the viability of the bicycle as a serious transport option.

“Veritas Law Firm has been invaluable to me in dealing with a motor vehicle accident, in particular the lawyer Michael Short. I was T boned on my bike by a driver who failed to give way to me at a roundabout. The driver refused to accept responsibility, instead stood over me and blamed me. It's only through Michael's continual support and information that I took out a small claim in the court and so forced the driver to claim from his insurance company. Michael consistently and promptly answered my questions and without this continual support and reassurance I may well have given up.” - Wendy

Bicycle NSW

Cumberland Women’s Health Centre (CWHC) is a non-profit community based organisation which was established 26 years ago to provide women’s health services and domestic violence specialist response services to women in the Parramatta, Holroyd, Auburn and Hills area.


Capricorn is a member based organisation proudly operating by cooperative principles to support businesses within the automotive industry. Established in 1974 by a small group of Western Australian service station owners, Capricorn is a member based organisation proudly operating by cooperative principles to support businesses in the automotive industry, helping them to better manage their business by saving time and money.

Motor Traders’ Association NSW

The Motor Traders’ Association (MTA) is an employer's association specifically for businesses in the motor industry and currently has over 3,500 Members across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. The MTA is an employers association dedicated to representing owners and business principals in the New South Wales automotive industry.

Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers

Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME) is an Association for individuals and organisations in the Automotive industry. The IAME aims to further the interests of members at all levels through knowledge, awareness and the sharing of expertise.