Michael Short

Special Counsel 

Michael Short is the group's Special Counsel. Michael has been both a plaintiff and a defendant lawyer since his admission to the Supreme Court of NSW in 1998 and has worked on both sides in Australia and in Great Britain. Michael's breadth of experience enables him to provide accurate and informed advice to his clients. He will ensure that the highest quality legal service is provided.

Michael possesses broad experience in areas outside of the law. He has sound technical skills and an understanding of science and engineering that enables him to analyse technical and medical issues. One of Michael's special interests is representing the needs of cyclists. As an avid road rider and commuter, Michael has an innate understanding of the particular issues cyclists experience on the road.  

Michael's strength lies in his ability to listen to your needs, analyse the technical issues and negotiate the legal framework to achieve a successful outcome efficiently and cost effectively.

Contact Michael:

Michael.Short@veritaslawfirm.co or call 02 9687 9993