Ramy Qutami

Managing Director 

Ramy is a highly experienced lawyer with over 25 years of experience across all spectrums of land and property related dealings.

Ramy demonstrates strong legal knowledge and skills in advising major corporations in relation to complex dealings. This specialised expertise has allowed Ramy to advise clients in relation to:

Property dealings and developments
Local Government and planning laws
Building and construction projects
Retail leasing

Ramy currently works with major building and constructions companies and developers (a number of which make the top 100 builders in Australia) in relation to major real estate development projects and acquisitions. These dealings have often involved international consortiums, with Ramy advising major clients in relation to legal and commercial negotiations and highly complex agreements, with dealings and acquisitions ranging in value from $10 million to $200 million.

Ramy’s experience also extends to complex matters with large national scale shopping centres and major retail corporations, involving Coles and Woolworths. Ramy has recently been involved in the structuring, negotiation, implementation of a Development Deed for a major acquisition of a mixed use residential and commercial sites owned by Coles and developed by a major developer client. This project was valued in excess of $80 million, and included complex issues such as:

GST and taxation;
Margin schemes;
Leasing provisions;
Construction compliance;
Occupational Health and Safety concerns; and
Programmed and staging timetables.


Contact Ramy:

ramy.qutami@veritaslawfirm.co or call 02 9687 9993 today.